Knapp's Stucco Services is a one stop shop for all of your buildings stucco needs. Your biggest asset is your home or your office building. Whether building new construction or retrofitting an existing building, Knapp's Stucco Services is licensed and bonded and carries all of the required insurance for its employees as required for the trade.

Knapp's Stucco Services is located on Amelia Island in Fernandina Beach, FL. We have experienced plasterers and laborers who specialize in removal, disposal and installation of all stucco brands. Our employees are very courteous and professional. We are always respectful and very appreciative of the chance to provide our customers with a product we are proud of, and the opportunity to conduct business with many interesting people.

Our workers have serviced Amelia Island and the North Florida area for 20 years. Chances are you have already seen our work in a neighborhood near you. There are no projects too difficult. W do the smallest home repair as well as larger projects such as replacing an entire stucco or stone system.

Knapp's Stucco Services will remove stucco or store, replace any wood damage caused by moisture, leaks, or improper installation. A trained carpenter will replace wall system with specified materials, followed by new water proofing and lastly the stucco and stone of your choice will be installed, surpassing industry standards.

Color and texture matching is a quality often referred to as an art by our customers. We offer stucco accented with stone veneer.

We also specialize in new construction from the ground up and room additions.

For new construction, dressing up appearance for selling, personal tastes or for repair, let Knapp's Stucco services help you acquire your desired look.

For a Free Estimate Call: 904-753-3777